Introduction to the Department of Dance ,National Chupei Senior High School

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Brief History

Established in 1994 under the instruction and support of Department of Education of Taiwan Provincial Government Office, the Department of Dance has been providing continuous education and systematic instruction for talented junior high school students throughout the years. 


Characteristics of Curriculum

Full-time teachers are involved in administration and management. The deep involvement enables the teachers to take part in students’ learning and make them the best counselors for students. With no doubt, they are the most precious resources that students have. The whole curriculum is divided into 2 parts: academic courses and technique courses. The academic courses are taught by full-time teachers of the school, while the dancing technique courses are taught by the first-rank performers in the country. The accompaniment would be conducted by full-time music teachers or the professionals hired from external.



Several public performances were held in the universities and performance halls in Taipei, Miaoli, Hsinchu, etc, which had all received great appraisal. Prizes earned in the municipal, national, and contests within the county have also shown the training of excellent quality.


Future goals

Establishing dancing theater to promote dancing art education, presenting performances of higher quality, getting the citizens involved, and devoting in culture cultivation to elevate common art level are all future goals that we hold.